What is the purpose of the program?
The purpose of the school incursion program is to connect kids with horses. It offers primary schools the opportunity to bring the curriculum to life with providing the unique opportunity of having a thoroughbred horse in the school environment and educating students on this experience.
What is the format of the school incursion?
Our 16 Hands presenter engages with children in a fun-filled, interactive and educational way for approximately 20-30 minutes. The presentation provides children with interesting facts about horses, equine health and anatomy. It aligns to the school curriculum and can be tailored to suit particular learning outcomes. At the end of the presentation there is an opportunity for students to ask questions and meet the horse.
How do I book?

To book a school incursion, please click here.

How much does it cost?

This is a FREE incursion

What is the duration?

Presentations generally run for 45–60 minutes.

Where do you hold the incursion?

Ideally on a grassed, synthetic or similar asphalt surface, however we can accommodate the horse presentation in most outdoor open spaces.

How many children can you accommodate?

The program can cater for approximately 300 children in one session, ideally in groups of 100-200 to ensure enough time for each child to pat the horse. However multiple sessions can be booked on the one day at the same school.

What about the weather?

We will monitor the weather closely leading up to the day of your incursion, and in the event of extreme weather conditions we will notify you and will reschedule the incursion. If a large indoor carpeted area is available, this will be considered a suitable alternative.

What level of insurance do you have?

We have comprehensive liability insurance for this activity and provide a Certificate of Currency and Job Safety Analysis (JSA).  

Do all staff have Working With Children (WWC) Check?

Yes, all our staff have a valid WWC check

Are the horses and handlers familiar with a school setting?

All the horses in our 16 Hands program have had experience as a Clerk of the Course horse and have been specially-trained and have had experience in this school incursion role, making them the ideal horse to visit schools and interact with children.