Provided are a series of pre and post activities that introduce your students to our horse and allow your students to use this experience in a range of curriculum areas. The curriculum ideas have been designed to enhance the learning and experience of the students participating in the 16 Hands School Program. They include the key learning areas: English, Mathematics, Science(Biological), and the Arts (Visual Arts).

Preparing for the Incursion

  • Students can search in the library for a selection of fiction and non-fiction books on horses
  • Tuning In Activity
  • Think, Wink, Decide (a useful structure to help students generate questions or statements about the horse)

Each child has a piece of paper which they fold in half to form a booklet. On the front page they write the topic, Horses. On the inside page they write the word think, on the next, wink and on the back page decide. The students are given time to respond to Think (things I now know) – write down what they already know about horses. Wink (what I need to know) – write down some questions they have about horses. Decide - select 2 questions to share with the class. (Kath Murdoch 2002.)

The Visit

  • If you have a list of questions prior or post our visit, please email them to
  • Make notes on your return to class of the information gained from the visit.

Ensure that students are familiar with the fun Horse Facts that are contained in the below infographic, which teachers can simply click on to download and print in an A3 poster size, or as an A4 handout.

 16 Hands Teaching Resources Infographic


Please click here to download the infographic.